Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Simcoe

Professional carpet cleaning from Sheer Brilliance involves the use clean, powerful, and modern equipment to get out deep down dirt.

Sheer Brilliance: Professional Carpet Cleaning since 2007

As a family run carpet cleaning business, we know how hard and essential it is to keep household carpeting clean. Kids, pets, and just everyday living can bring all sorts of things into our homes. Dust, dirt, allergens, and who knows what can not only make your carpets look terrible but also make your entire household unhealthy. Certainly, vacuuming helps, but for the best looking and healthiest carpets, nothing can compare to Sheer Brilliance’ professional carpet cleaning.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Works

The difference between professional carpet cleaning and the carpet cleaning you can do by yourself is night and day, almost literally. That’s because when you choose Sheer Brilliance for your carpet cleaning, we use a truck mounted hot water extraction machine to get dirt from deep within your carpets. That gets out deep-down soil and allergens and stains that not even the best “carpet cleaning hacks” can.

Less Drying Time, Restored Carpets

Since our extraction system is so powerful, your carpets are left much dryer after we clean them as compared to other carpet cleaning methods. That means you can enjoy the spring-like freshness sooner. High traffic areas will no longer be so evident, and odours will be removed. Also, removing water quickly means no damage to your carpets, and a deep-down cleaning can actually extend their life.

Get Rid of Pesky Pet Odours in Your Carpets

While there are carpet cleaning tips all over the internet and rental units are available at many grocery or big box stores, neither option can clean your carpets as thoroughly as Sheer Brilliance can. In addition to our training and experience, we have clean, modern carpet cleaning equipment that cleans deeper and more thoroughly. What’s more, the same process that offers such an exhaustive cleaning offers a much shorter drying time than consumer carpet cleaning units.

More Reasons to Choose Profession Carpet Cleaning

As a local, family run company, choosing Sheer Brilliance for your carpet cleaning means that your money stays in our community, and that means we all win.

Also, we do the heavy lifting and choose the proper cleaning detergents and solutions. That ensures you get the best clean possible and no damage is done to your carpets. It also means no mixing of soap and water or getting messy for you. We also know what areas of your carpet may need pre-treatment, how to get out stains, and complete your carpet cleaning quickly, courteously, and at a great price.


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